Solar Hot Water

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Clean, efficient, free hot water from the sun

Solar Hot Water | At MySolar, our choice of brand for solar hot water systems is Leda. This is because Leda Solar Hot Water Systems are designed to deliver superior solar efficiency with a choice of electric or gas boosting for year round 24 hour a day hot water and the peace of mind of a Five Year Warranty. The result? Savings up to 80% plus on your annual hot water energy costs. One of the soundest financial investments you’ll ever make, a Leda Solar Hot Water System will pay for itself while reducing your dependence on traditional, more expensive, gas and electricity. And the savings on running costs keep flowing year after year.

Leda’s slimline black anodised aluminium roof panels and separate ground mounted storage tanks make Solar Hot Water an attractive and valuable addition to your home that eliminates the unsightly roof tanks often associated with Solar.

Engineered to combine thermal efficiency with easy installation, Leda Hot Water Storage Tanks come in 270 litre, 340 litre and 450 litre capacities catering perfectly for every family, small or large. Tanks feature extra thick 3mm wall combined with a solid vitreous enamel lining to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity.

Features of Solar Hot Water


Optimum STCs deliver unrivalled value for money


Long service life backed by long life, peace of mind warranties


Low cost, reliable hot water 24 hours a day


All components certified to Australian standards.


Attractive slim line design solar collectors


Designed to provide superior solar hot water performance


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