Hot water that doesn’t cost the earth

At MySolar, we’re committed to a sustainable, low energy future. By simply changing your old electric storage system to a Leda Solar Hot Water System, you will slash your consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels, reduce your household CO2 output by 2 tonnes or more and save 80% plus on your hot water bills.

Highly efficient and environmentally-friendly

Just as your electricity usage is directly linked to your electricity bill, so too your energy efficiency is directly linked to your carbon footprint. How much CO2 your household produces varies considerably with the size and type of house, number of occupants, the energy efficiency of your appliances, how much you try to minimize energy usage, and how electricity is produced by your electricity provider (coal is the major source in most states).

The average household uses approximately 8,000 kWh of electricity a year, producing approximately 8 tonnes of CO2. With a electric hot water system typically accounting for more than one third of household energy use, you could cut your electricity bills by 25% or more – and reduce your CO2 emissions by 2 tonnes – just by switching to solar hot water.

Leda Solar Hot Water is one of the most cost effective and energy efficient hot water solutions available

All solar hot water companies claim their solar systems are efficient. But are they really, and how do you know? The only really unbiased way to assess efficiency is to compare the number of STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates) Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator awards to each system.

Leda Solar Hot Water Systems receive some of the highest STCs of any solar system due to their energy efficiency. The number of STCs varies with the climate zone. STCs and possible other Government rebates make Leda Solar one of the most efficient, and cost effective, hot water systems available in Australia today.

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